KYK Yurt Yedek Listesi

KYK Yurt Yedek Listesi

What should be done in KYK Dormitory Reserve List?

Unfortunately, there is not a dormitory for all applicants, since the Credit and Hostels Institution applies to students more than their quota.
In the query you made in the application result screen section on KYK’s website, you will see a statement that you have ASIAN WIN or… YOU ARE BACK UP.
Students who are eligible to enroll in KYK dormitories can register by submitting the documents specified on KYK’s website between certain dates or online.

While admitting students to the dormitories, first of all, those who are on the main list will be expected to complete their registration and students who are on the backup list will be accepted instead of those who have not registered for the dormitory although they are on the main list.

Students who are not able to register in any dormitory in the first placement will wait for the first three placements. The first three installations will be completed shortly. Besides these placements, the replacement placement process will continue throughout the year.

KYK Dormitory Reserve ListStudents who are in KYK dormitory reserve need not apply again. You can follow the kyk dormitory reserve results on KYK’s website. In case of a dormitory for the students who are in reserve, first of all, it will be necessary to approve the commitment via e-government. Then, after depositing the 1-month dormitory fee and deposit written in the e-government, the registration process will be completed. Within 1 month, you need to bring the documents requested by KKK (passport, etc.) to the institution.


We will try to explain what the students in the KYK reserve list should do in this process in order.
  1. First, don’t worry. A significant number of students applying for dormitories either enroll in private dormitories or go home. Therefore, it is the queue for the next row of friends. Of course, depending on your turn, your stay in the country may be longer.
  2. If you are suffering and have economic difficulties that cannot stay in a private dormitory or at home, and if you are on the reserve list, go to the dormitory directorate and tell the relevant authorities in style and request their help.
  3. Substitute students should follow the KYK reserve dormitory applications at certain intervals on the KYK website after the KYK dormitory enrollment deadlines are over. Student admissions are made to these dormitories according to their reserve order.
  4. You can ask the question of where will I stay in this process? According to your reserve order, there is a possibility of leaving a dormitory between 2 weeks and 9 months. In this process, you can stay with your relative or friend, if any. If you do not have financial means, you can stay in KYK guesthouses. For this, you can get information by calling the dormitory offices.

You can visit our Karabük Dormitory Guide to search for a private dormitory for yourself , or our Karabük Apart Guide to search for student appartments, or you can review our Dormitories page in Karabük Student Directory .


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